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     D. Wiggins Productions, Inc. (D.W.P.) Performing Arts group was founded in June 2006 by Dwayne Wiggins, Jr. in Leesburg, Florida.  D. Wiggins Productions, Inc. is an equal opportunity production organization.

    D.W.P. had a very successful beginning with two hit plays; “Mountain High/Valley Low,” which landed Dwayne an article in a prominent Florida publication, Lake Magazine, in 2007.  The article gave Dwayne rave reviews for his gift and vision at such a young age and the review earned D.W.P. a place in the Leesburg Christmas Parade.  Following “Mountain High/Valley Low” was Dwayne’s sophomore stage play, “Ain’t Dat Da Truth.”        


After two successful years in Florida, Dwayne was led to take D.W.P. to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the company currently operates.  With new staff, cast, and fans, the company began paving the way for other  

artists in the Philadelphia area to realize their dreams in the performing arts. D. Wiggins Productions, Inc. has provided an amazing avenue and platform where creative talent can be nurtured and developed in children and adults alike.

   D.W.P. has performed fifteen original musicals and plays along the east coast – from Pennsylvania to Florida – based on various, real-life experiences.  Dwayne has also written numerous original songs for each of the plays.  D.W.P is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind.  D.W.P. gives back to the community, opens doors of opportunity, and allows people to cultivate their gifts and grow in their craft.  For the past ten years, D.W.P. has provided an avenue in which the talents of over one hundred sixty people of all ages and walks of life have been developed and refined.

   Since “Beautiful Liar,” Dwayne wrote, produced, and directed a Christmas play, “Joi to the World.” All proceeds from this venture went to the Youth Pentecostal Crusades under the leadership of Bishop Eddie Long of Mount Zion Pentecostal Faith Church, Philadelphia, PA.  D.W.P. has facilitated fundraisers for various churches and organizations throughout the Delaware Valley. D.W.P. continues to serve the community by providing their special talent and donations.  The company has given through the Toy for Tots program and has performed in and donated to women’s and men’s shelters throughout Florida and Pennsylvania.

    D.W.P. continued to present successful plays such as: “True Confessions,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and the 5th year Anniversary play, “Killing Me Softly.” 2012 was the beginning of the next another era of blockbuster plays performed at the Adrienne Theater and other venues to sold out crowds; “Manhood,” “All I want for Christmas,” “Static,” and “Behind Closed Doors” (which was voted Time Out’s TOP 10 events in Philly 2014),   “Silent Night,” “Twelve,” “Too Little, Too Late,” and now, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of D.W.P., “PASSION MARKS.”

D. Wiggins Productions has gained a reputation of excellence, and continues to stay true to its mission statement, using the stage as a platform to educate and minister healing, encouragement, and positive messages of hope. 




Sherman Howard (l) and Tyriq Mosley (r)


Charon Bratcher (l), Nicole Yvette (m), and Laurie McClay (r) 


Dr. Marylin Graves (l) and Nikki Moses (r)


Sabrina Herrington-Speights


Tracey Preston (l) and Anthony Dupree (r)