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A group of strangers will move into a house to contend in a series of physical and mental stunts at a chance to win one million dollars. All of the contestants in the house are from different states with divergent backgrounds, but have contracted to leave their family and friends behind at a possibility of being the last man standing.   


            These strangers may appear to have absolutely nothing in common, but they will soon identify that they all have a great deal of commonalities with a distinct connection. They may either find their best friend or worst enemy in the group. In the end it’s every human being for themselves, but one individual will have the final say.

"TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE was PHENOMENAL!! It truly  BLESSED my SOUL and my SPIRIT. It definitely was an eye opener for me as I sat back and did a reality check on myself;  to let me know to get it right before its TOO LATE."

-Valerie Stanback

"TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE is  an AWESOME stage play, that will cause you to laugh, then examine your walk with Jesus Christ!!"

- Gloria D. White

"TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE was phenomenal!! Such a heart piercing message that will invoke a spiritual change and a renewing of one's mindset."

- Shelia Davis

"TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE is an amazing play that perfectly depicted how the devil engulfs the Christian mind around the hustle and bustle of life and success. By the time we realize that we have a form of godliness and have denied the true power of God's word it's TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. The modern day lifting of eyes while in hell and wanting to warn the world but it's TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE! Simply brilliant production!"

-Renee Robinson-Eure

"When I set out to see the play "TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE", I was excited and expected to see a production of excellence. I was not disappointed. "TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE," written, directed and produced by Dwayne  V. Wiggins Jr. and preformed  by D. Wiggins Entertainment Group was an intriguing  and awesome play. As the story unfolds with eight diverse characters who  all have  one thing in common, the plot builds. Being unaware of what they could possibly have in common with each other, they come to learn, not only things about each other, but also things about themselves, only to have to realize an unexpected truth. Each performer gives an outstanding portrayal  of their character, with the compliment of them all coming together.This heart-felt production gives you an overall feeling of love for the Performing Arts. I encourage all to see and I guarantee you that won't be disappointed. You will not only be completely satisfied but also enriched."

- K.T. Channel-Hawkins

"What an awesome production, orchestrated by God Himself. This thought provoking play will have you laughing, crying, in suspense and ultimately revealing the truth about who we are. You will not leave the same way you came in. The unexpected end was definitely 'unexpected'."
-Marnie Hudson


-Chantelle Clark

"The message that this play sends is very powerful. I loved this play so much that I went to see it twice. Not only did I want to see it for myself, but I wanted to bring someone along with me this time so that I could share this awesome experience with them. The second time that I’d seen this play was more powerful than the first, the script didn’t change nor did the cast, but the number of lives that were changed did. I wholeheartedly recommend that the next time this play hits the stage you find yourself in the audience. Your life will change for the better!"

-Shante Davis